Health – 6 Daily Habits That Actually Harm Our Health

6 Daily Habits That Are Harmful To Our Health

DAILY HABITS – Habits are something we often do without even thinking about it, but did you know that some of this habits could actually affect our health negatively?

Health - 5 Daily Habits That Actually Harm Our Health
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In this article we will learn about 6 daily habits that could potentially be harmful to our health.

Everybody knows that habits like smoking, drinking, or eating a lot of junk could have a negative effect on our health. However, there are a lot of lesser-know harmful habits that have been integrated in our day-to-day lives.

Keeping your wallet in your back pocket.

According to an article by brightside, sitting on your wallet for a short 15 minutes could slowly cause damage to your spine. Your spine could be slowly shifting and your spinals ligaments would start to change.

Health - 5 Daily Habits That Actually Harm Our Health
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This would then cause your spine to eventually be asymmetrical. When you sit on your wallet for extended periods of time, you could get chronic back pain, sciatica, and other forms of scoliosis.

Bringing electronics into bed with you

As per the article, studies have revealed that using electronic gadgets before sleeping steal some of our quality nap time. Aside from this, our sleep quality is reduced.

Health - 5 Daily Habits That Actually Harm Our Health
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Aside from losing sleep quality, it also causes us to gain weight and promotes daytime fatigue. It also takes a toll on our productivity levels, learning, and stress levels.

Drinking from plastic bottles

Plastic bottles could actually cause harm to the human body, aside from that, it’s harmful to the environment. When plastic water bottles gets exposed to high temperatures, it could release a toxic chemical (bisphenol A).

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This chemical could contaminate the water you’re drinking. Bisphenol A affects your endocrine system and heightens the risks of endometriosis and breast cancer.

Eating food fast

Eating fast may lead to putting on extra weight at a faster rate and could increase risks of heart disease. According to studies, faster eaters are more likely to over eat.

Health - 5 Daily Habits That Actually Harm Our Health
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Brushing teeth right after a meal

Most of us brush our teeth right after every meal. This is what has been taught to us starting from our childhood. However, when we eat, acid from different foods wear away the protective enamel in our teeth.

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This means that our teeth are weakest right after every meal. However, our bodies have natural ways of balancing acids in the form of saliva which takes about 30 mins to do its job.

Cleaning Ears with cotton buds/ Cotton swabs

Cleaning your ears with cotton buds actually pushes the wax inside your ear deeper down your ear canal. This could lead to infection, perforated eardrums, impacted earwax and tinnitus.

Health - 6 Daily Habits That Actually Harm Our Health
Image from: Brightside

It is actually recommended that you leave your earwax alone and let in naturally fall out. It also works as a filter for our ear canal, preventing foreign objects like dirt from entering.

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