MISS UNIVERSE ISSUES: Biggest Controversies Through The Years

Biggest Miss Universe issues that made headlines.

MISS UNIVERSE ISSUES – Here are some of the biggest scandals and controversies of the most prestigious beauty pageant – the Miss Universe.

For the Miss Universe crown and title, hundreds of beauties from around the world undergo rigorous training and represent their country. But behind the glitz and glamour are the controversies that also goes along with some of the candidates which shook the pageantry world and made it to the headlines.

Check out some of these controversies below:

  • Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers who mocked a fellow candidate with another candidate during an Instagram live which instantly put them under hot waters. But later on, she issued an apology ahead of the December competition.
  • Armi Kuusela of Finland, first Miss Universe winner in 1952, won the title at the age of 17 but 10 months after, she gave up her title voluntarily because she was getting married and could no longer possibly meet the requirements and do the duties. No one knew the real reason why she was such in a rush when in facts there’s just a couple of months left. But organizers let her keep the title anyways.
  • Miss Universe 1974 was held in Philippines and the controversy is when the former beauty queen Imelda Marcos immediately ordered a 10,000-seat amphitheater built within 10 months. The shabby homes in the route were bulldozed so as the contestants will only see the beauty of Manila alone.
  • 1996 winner of Miss Universe, Venezuelan Alicia Machado, became too fat to keep her crown that Donald Trump called her an eating machine. She did tried to lose some pounds when warned to be replaced by a runner up but it didn’t help matters.
  • Miss Universe 2015 is Philippines and not Miss Colombia but by mistake, host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. That made such moment among the most awkward in pageant history as Miss Colombia have only worn the crown and the title for about four minutes.
  • Miss Universe 2013 Gabriela Isler of Venezuela created a stir when her photos before her apparent surgery surfaced online and it did not led to her disqualification. But instead, it only showed us that not all pageant winners are gifted with that natural grace and charm.


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