Lolit Solis on Atong-Gretchen Controversial Photo: “Best friends don’t act that way.”

Lolit Solis controversial reaction on Atong Ang and Gretchen Barretto sweet photo .

LOLIT SOLIS – Veteran journalist Lolit Solis has this reaction over Atong Ang and Gretchen Barretto’s denial to malicious rumors about them.

The Barretto family feud is currently the hottest topic as it is between sisters Marjorie, Claudine, and Gretchen, their niece Nicole, and the names of Atong Ang and Recom Echiverri being dragged to the issue. Marjorie, as per previous article, admitted that Echiverri is truly the father of her youngest daughter Erich.

Also, one of the issues that have surfaced is the malicious rumors about Gretchen and Atong. Upon the eruption of the rumors, Atong Ang spoke in an exclusive interview denying the rumors. Accordingly, they are merely just business partners and that he is a family man and will never ever do that to his own family.

With this, the veteran journalist Lolit Solis lambasted him and the Barrettos for what is happening already is “no longer a dirt but a trash already” considering them “washing their laundry” public just to clear their name. Based on her post, the interview of Ang made the situation worse and if she is his publicist, she will not allow him to do such thing meddling by speaking upabout ‘girlie things between family members”.

Solis further wrote:

“The more Atong Ang open his mouth, lalo pang nadidiin ang mga issues na sana ay maki-clear na. Siguro sinuman nag-upload ng litrato showing them sa plane na holding hands at nakahilig sa dibdib niya si Gretchen ay nainis na at ipinakita na ang very ‘revealing’ shot. Kahit ano paliwanag mo, best friends don’t act that way. Kung nanatili lang tahimik si Atong hanggang ngayon misteryo pa rin siya sa public.”


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