Recom Echiverri: Netizens’ Revelation about father of Marjorie’s Daughter

Netizens had this revelation about Marjorie’s youngest daughter’s father Recom Echiverri

Netizens made revelations about former Caloocan Mayot Recom Echiverri after former actress Marjorie Barretto revealed that he is the father of her youngest daughter.

Recom Echiverri Marjorie Barretto
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Following Karen Davila’s interview with the former actress, netizens expressed various reactions on social media. Some believed what she said but some also reacted negatively. One netizen whose statement was posted on the Instagram story of Gretchen Barretto made a revelation about the former Mayor.

Marjorie Barretto Full Interview

According to the netizen, she joined the Miss Caloocan when Recom Echiverri was still the Mayor. Allegedly, that time, there were rumors that surfaced stating that the girl who won the pageant had a “one night stand” with the politician that was why she won. The netizen added that the former mayor also called her and asked for a date and she was just 17 years old back then. According to the netizen, she was frightened because of what happened.

Recom Echiverri post
via @gretchenbarretto IG story

Aside from that, the netizen also shared that she has a close friend who is a neighbor of Marjorie. Her story stated that the former actress would make her estranged husband Dennis Padilla and their kids leave their home. Then, according to the netizen’s revelation, Recom Echiverri would go to their house.

“So pinapaalis ni Marj ung mga bata at Dennis, then hating gabi pumupunta si Mayor. Nakakalungkot lang na ginagawa niya un sa mismong bahay nila,” the netizen said.

via @gretchenbarretto IG story

Moreover, Gretchen shared another statement from a different netizen. The said netizen accused Marjorie of the lies in her interview. “You can’t tell the truth on TV that you and Echiverri are still together (SECRETLY).”

via @gretchenbarretto IG story

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