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Dream Interpretation: Here’s what it means if a lion appears in your dreams.

DREAM INTERPRETATION – Here’s what it means if a lion appears in your dreams frequently either chasing you, attacking you, or hunting you.

A lion appearing in your dreams frequently might mean something or symbolizes something about you or the upcoming events. As much as anyone is probably aware of, a lion symbolizes courage, protection, strength, power, and aggression.

Dream Interpretation

So, what does it mean if a lion appears in your dreams?

  • authority over others
  • desire of power
  • domination

Here are some other interpretations if it is doing something:

  • Seeing lion alone means you can overcome negative emotions which is represented by its strength. This also means your influence to other people which is why you have to be careful with your words and actions. This also comes as a warning about you being a control freak.
  • Seeing lioness means tenacity and never giving up in achieving your dreams. On the other hand, this also symbolize your motherly instincts.
  • A tame lion in your dream could mean being too comfortable already which might need you have to change something about yourself.
  • An attacking lion means that something or someone is leading you to a self-destruction.
  • Killing a lion interprets that you are currently pressured in making a huge decision.
  • Black lion indicates a negative energy.
  • Being chased, which is a common scenario in dreams, means that you are running away from something which is represented by the lion.
  • It the lion bites you, this tells something about the people that has negative effect in your life as per Dream Stop.


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