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Here are the 10 Superstitious Beliefs of the Filipino followed before the wedding.

WEDDING SUPERSTITIOUS BELIEFS – Here are the ten(10) superstitious beliefs in the Philippines followed before the day of the wedding.

Filipinos got many common traditions when it comes to marriage and these are usually based on superstitions. Many of them do not have the “logic” in reality. But since, as they say, there is nothing to lose if you follow it, others are better off following it to be “safe.”

Wedding Superstitious Beliefs
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Sometimes they take it as a joke, like when changing seats at a diner while eating, you may be able to change a spouse as well. It’s funny and it’s scary – most especially when it is misinterpreted.

Based on the article of The Asian parent, Here are the 10 most prominent wedding superstitious beliefs that are embedded in the Filipino culture.

1. Double Wedding or Sukob sa Kasal

Sukob sa kasal is one of the most I often hear. It is believed to happen when siblings almost plan on getting married on the same day or the same year.

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According to the elders, the wedding of siblings must be scheduled in the same year; especially not to have a double wedding. It is said that one of the siblings will face adversity because of a “competition” or rivalry in luck. It is likely that eventually one will be separated.

Keep in mind, though, that you should never change or postpone your wedding date, when it is all said. It is believed that the luck in your married life will also be delayed.

2. Couples that are getting married are near to accident, especially when the wedding date is approaching.

Wedding Superstitious Beliefs
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Couples should avoid travelling and sailing far just to be safe and secured before the wedding day comes. You can choose the dates of your travel after the wedding day.

3. It is a bad luck if the groom sees the bride wearing her bridal gown.

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Neither should the couple meet before the wedding on their big day, especially a few hours before the ceremony itself. It includes taking photos of the bride wearing its gown few days before the wedding day.

4. It brings bad luck when the bride fits the bridal gown before the wedding day.

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The wedding plans will be terminated if you made this. It can be measured if it is not yet complete or fully furnished. She must be as confident as a bride to complete her happiness.

What others do is, they keep a little part that is unfinished to the wedding gown one day before the wedding day. It is to signal the completeness of the dress as the completeness of the woman’s life.

5. Wearing Pearls Jewelry is Bad Luck to the Bride

Wedding Superstitious Beliefs
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The pearl is said to be oyster tears so it can also bring tears to the woman in her married life. There are lots of jewelry you can wear on.

6. Couples should be careful on their wedding day.

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According to the article, every move seems to be linked with bad luck or good luck according to these wedding superstitions:

  • When the man sits first before the woman at the wedding ceremony and at the reception, the man will be ‘under-the-saya’ (subservient to his wife).
  • When a ring, veil, or arrhae or coins falls during the wedding, the life of the couple will be full of sadness.
  • The man should come to the church first to have good luck and a happy marriage.
  • The woman should step on the man’s foot so that he can do everything she wants.
  • It’s lucky when a plate accidentally fall and broke at the wedding reception.

7. There should be a “wedding toast” at the wedding reception for the couple.

Wedding Superstitious Beliefs
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The sound of ticking glasses and shouting “Mabuhay ang bagong Kasal!” is believed to drive away bad spirits. That is why a toast is also believed to be necessary.

8. The Bride should eat the cakes first before the groom.

Wedding Superstitious Beliefs
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Wedding cake is a symbol of fertility. Otherwise you will have complications or problems with pregnancy. However, when the bride has monthly menstrual period in the day of wedding, it means you will have many children.

9. Gifts should not contain anything sharp

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Married couples will suffer and their romance will fade out. Obviously, how would you give that kind of gift? It’s too harmful and it can cause some accidents.

10. Couples should offer eggs to Sta. Clara to prevent rain on the wedding day.

Wedding Superstitious Beliefs
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Couples follow this especially if it’s a garden or beach wedding. On the other hand, it is believed that when it rains during the wedding day, the couple’s life will be fortunate.

Most of all, when there is plenty of food available at the reception, plenty of blessing will come. It is believed that the couple will also enjoy their family life.

These superstitious beliefs in Filipino marriage are rooted in thousands of years of culture and traditions that have been practiced by most of us. So at times, in order to avoid hurting or upsetting the elderly in the family, couples that will get married will simply follow.

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