SOUTH KOREA FACTS – Understanding Their Customs

South Korea facts and some of the things we need to know about their customs.

SOUTH KOREA FACTS – Here are some facts about the customs and traditions in South Korea that you must know before visiting the country.

Korea is one in culture but divided by boundaries such as political unrest. But the traditions and customs bind these two regions. A lot of changes in family patterns and social structure have occurred in South Korea and before visiting the beautiful country, here are some of their customs that you need to know first.

Find out below:

  • To show respect and gratitude, you bow to the person you are meeting with. This is equivalent to a handshake to other cultures.
  • Kimchi is a symbol in Korean culture. If you are a foreigner and can take it, you are able to earn the locals’ heartfelt respect.
  • Whenever visiting a Korean, always remove your shoes for they have this special connection with their floor where they sit and sometimes sleep.
  • Soju is their national booze. But when it comes to drinking, never pour your own drink. Also, if you are pouring to someone older than you, put one hand to the heart as a sign of respect.
  • Koreans eat their rice with spoon and never lets their chopsticks sticking out of the rice bowl for it indicates that one is offering the rice to the dead as per Matador Network.
  • Strangers touching them is an insult.
  • Koreans enjoy giving gifts. The receiver must accept it with both hand and has to only open it if the giver is not around.
  • Red ink is only reserved to write the names of the deceased.


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