Unusual Cloud Formation Spotted in Mt. Banahaw

Photos of Unusual Cloud Formation Spotted in Mt. Banahaw Goes Viral

The photos of unusual cloud formation at Mt. Banahaw in Sariaya, Tayabas, Lucban goes viral after it was posted on social media.

On Thursday late morning (September 19, 2019), a Facebook user named Arnaiz Mariano has shared the photos of a strange cloud formation around Mount Banahaw in the province of Quezon.

The weird scenery of thick cloud formation spiraling upward to the sky leave the residents in the towns awestruck. The unusual event lasted for about 35 minutes before it totally disappeared.

Unusual Cloud Formation

The town residents who witnessed the rare phenomenon said that the sightings of tornado-shaped cloud was their first time. The unique cloud formation was seen in the towns of Sariaya, Tayabas, Lucban, and Lucena.

In 2017, a spectacular cloud formation in Mt. Banahaw has been also witnessed by the residents in the province.

Unusual Cloud Formation

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