VIDEO: Grab Driver Surprised When Passenger Looks Exactly Like Him

Grab Driver Surprised To Meet Passenger Who Looks Exactly Like Him

GRAB DRIVER – A grab driver was shocked when picked up a passenger that looks like his twin.

In this day and age, ride-hailing services have become one of the necessities in our lives. Good thing there are the unsung heroes that are the drivers who work incessantly for us.

We can’t deny that most of our rides with these riders and drives were taken for granted. We just sit there with our headphones and enjoying the ride.

Photo Source: Nikkei Asian Review

However, imagine bumping into a driver that looks just like you?

That could be one of the most amazing stories you’ll have in your lifetime. That scenario actually happened in Indonesia.

Photo Source: My Sinchew

Based on a report from World of Buzz, a passenger just want to take a video of his journey.

However, when he switched to the front camera, he and the rider suddenly become fully aware that they were like twins.

It can be seen on that video that both of them end up laughing as they continue on their journey.

Photo Source: @topiknetizen IG

According to the report, the netizens had an assumption that the passenger and his driver might be got separated at birth.

However, the authenticity of the video was not confirmed but if it is real, that could be one of the most epic moments in their life.

What would you do if you meet someone who looks just like you?

The video gathered mixed reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@mlle.madi: “that moment when your grab driver is your long lost twin”

@mhdnurhadi02: “brothers!! The separate twins are finally united!”

@riantoalfatih: “Plot twist. Apparently, they are twin omg. I’ll just viral it. It turns out we got prank guys”

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