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What are the teaching strategies to manage and handle loud students?

TEACHING STRATEGIES – Here are some tips and tricks as to how a teacher can handle and manage noisy and loud students inside the classroom.

One of the greatest dilemmas of every teacher is how to grab their student’s attention to them and to the lesson. Once they get bored, they tend to talk and their focus is getting out to what you are actually teaching. Due to the short span of patience of students especially little children, there are strategies that work to them to get their attention and make them listen to you.

Teaching Strategy

Here are some techniques you might want to consider to manage the noise inside your classroom:

  • TIMER – Set a timer for them or just simply count down. Once you reach the end of the time, it has to be clear to them that they should be in full silence or else the time taken up by their noise will be deducted to their break time.
  • REWARD – Give rewards to student who have stayed quiet and listening in your class in order to motivate other student to do the same desired behavior. Give points to those who behave well and take away some to those who don’t.
  • STOP LIGHT – Like in traffic, use the green one to allow them to talk, the orange to quiet down, and the red to signal them to be quiet completely.
  • PROXIMITY – This strategy works. Amid discussion and you see one student making noise just continue with your discussion and roam around the classroom until you reach that noisy student and simply tap the shoulder. Also, you can give him a post-it note with written warning of their behavior.
  • BELL – Lastly based on Teach Thought, get their attention through pressing the bell. Set and make it clear to everyone that once you reach two ringing of bells, you will take away some privileges.


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