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Here are some effective classroom management tips for teachers.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TIPS – Here are some of the most effective classroom management tips and strategies for teachers.

Every teacher’s struggle, especially for those who are first timers in the field, is how to manage their classroom and their students. Classroom management is essential to run the class smoothly without any disrupting behavior from students compromising the delivery of instruction.

Classroom Management Tips

And now here are some of effective classroom management tips for every teacher out there:

  1. LINING UP – Make it a habit for students to line up before entering the classroom and leaving. Make sure they are not just anywhere and tell them to come in quietly. And if they are not obeying, you can send them outside and line up again.
  2. WRITE DOWN – For a period of time, write down what they will have to need. If they ask, you can just point at the board.
  3. COUNT DOWN – If you see that students are being a little noisy or the whole class is becoming chaotic, count down starting from 5 to 1.
  4. HAND SIGN – Teach your kids the signals they are going to use if ever they want to ask something, to answer, or go to the restroom so as not to cause major class interruption.
  5. SET TIME – Give timer to kids if you want them to do something such as clean their place or fix their things within that time from 60 to 90 seconds.
  6. MORNING MEETINGS – This is important but it isn’t done daily. Morning meetings is talking about emotional and social learning. You can talk about the lesson or some sort of a review but this is the time where you can learn something from your students says Maya Lee .


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