How To: Get Your Kids Off OF Their Gadgets (Different Activities)

Here Are Some Activities To Help Keep Your Kids Off Gadgets

HOW TO – Most parents find it problematic that their kids no longer go out to play with other kids and prefer spending most of their time on devices.

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The internet is now easily-accessible and mobile phones are now cheaper to get. Some parents have decided to buy their kids mobile phone, hoping the device would be used for playing games and watching/reading educational videos.

But it seems like the kids got addicted more to random YouTube videos and more games.

Now, many parents are struggling to keep their kids from their devices spending most of their times just playing games instead of doing something productive like studying or doing exercise and spending time with the family.

So to catch their attention, parents must also be creative with their ways on how to keep them entertained.

Have them occupied with fun and educational activities.

Here are some of the things you can do with them:


Preserve special moments in photographs and compile them with a creative scrapbook! This is an engaging experience with opportunities to connect with the kids. It’s also a great way for your kids to express their creativity.


Let them help you cook or bake. Prepare something with them and eat with them afterwards! Perfect bonding! Letting kids help you prepare gives them a sense of pride for something they made and it makes them happy.


At least once in a while, when all the work is done and the adults have enough time to relax for a while, it’s the perfect time to go camping with the kids! Going camping gives you a lot of time to bond with your kids. Remember to set rules about playing with gadgets while you’re out camping.


Choose the kind of game that can be played by more players so everyone can join! Keep the recreational activities going and the kids would eventually prefer it over mobile games.

These are just some tips we found in an article from Baby and Breakfast.

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