Unusual Items That Were Sold On Online Marketplaces

These Are A Bunch Of Unusual Items Sold Online

UNUSUAL ITEMS – People’s creativity is truly limitless, seeing these unique and bizarre products being listed for sale online is enough evidence.

unusual items
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The fast-paced developments in technology has been making things simpler and easier lately. Online digital networks have shrunk the world making it easier to connect with each other. With that, online market places also started rising to the trends.

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When online marketplaces just started operations, the filtering system of what kind of products can be sold online has not been thorough. In the first few years, a bunch of new products were introduced to the market.

Some people, knowing about it, attempted to sell crazy, unusual products.

Here are some of them:


Parts of a washed-up whale on the shore of Cape St. George in Newfoundland was looted and someone tried to sell it online on eBay! It was however denied eventually.


A mythical creature a small reptilian-like creature that drinks blood was listed for sale. (35$) And it was even tagged “100% real.”


There has been a number of people who tried to sell souls online. Some trier to sell their own soul and some tried to sell someone else’s. However, eBay has a policy for selling souls which is:

“eBay does not allow the auctioning of human souls for the following reasons: If the soul does not exist, eBay could not allow the auctioning of the soul because there would be nothing to sell. However, if the soul does exist then, in accordance with eBay’s policy on human parts and remains, we would not allow the auctioning of human souls.”


An unemployed woman from Arkansas thought of a clever way to make money. For her seventh child, she listed the ‘rights to name her baby’ for sale for $15,000. The market place later on found out about it and stopped it.

These are based on an article from repricerexpress.

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