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US President Donald Trump Dropped Another Viral Tweet

TRUMP TWEETS – The US President Donald Trump yesterday, dropped a short and unusual video of him with a poster saying “Trump 4EVA”.

Trump Tweets
Photo taken from The Public Editor

The United States’ president Donald Trump’s Twitter feed is a gold mine of interesting thoughts and content. In the past few years, he has been very active on his social media accounts and has shared a lot of things.

Some of his tweets also went viral for sparking hilarity online. Including one, when netizens criticized him for calling the moon ‘a part of Mars’.

Yesterday, another hot content was shared by the US president featuring a short clip of him with a poster saying “TRUMP 4EVA” in the end.

The video surely caught online attention immediately as the president has so many followers.

The short clip was apparently based off of TIME Magazine’s cover published back in October 2018. Where a series of Donald Trump’s election signs were featured. It shows the years in the poster stretching for years until 2044.

A short text was also posted with the image in the cover that read: “How Trumpism outlasts Trump”

This is according to an article from Fox News.

In his own version of the theme, the view zoomed into one of the signs revealing a him standing over the signs. However, instead of the signs stopping at 2044, the numbers kept going up and ended with the sign saying “Trump 4EVA”.

The clip was originally made by Carpe Donktum – Twitter user.

The post incited several various responses from the president’s critics and supporters.

Some critics of the president has thought about whether he would leave voluntarily in an event where he would lose the election.

That is all there is to it, at least for now. We’ll post updates as soon as we got them.

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