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11:24 AM June 19, 2019

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11:24 AM June 19, 2019

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Rica Peralejo Explains Why She Opted For Unmedicated Birth At Home

RICA PERALEJO – Here is the reason why Rica Peralejo decided to give birth at home unmedicated.

Former daring actress Rica Peralejo is one of the most popular celebrities in the Philippines. She was known for her charm and daring roles in Pinoy films.

The 38-year-old celebrity has gone through two miscarriage in the year 2016 and 2017. But on the third time, she makes sure that she’ll have a safe pregnancy.

Rica Peralejo 1
Photo Source: @ricaperalejo IG

Rica Peralejo and his husband, pastor Joseph Bonifacio named their first son Philip who is now 5 years old.

On Sunday, June 9, the vlogger mom gave birth to their second child named ‘Manu’ via home birth.

Photo Source: @ricaperalejo IG

Rica Peralejo took to the social media to explain the reason why she decided to give birth at home.

The actress said it was her “goal from the beginning” to have Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) in her house and said she’s a “good candidate” since she had her first born via caesarian section 5 years ago. She didn’t take any medicines throughout her 25-hours of labor.

Photo Source: @ricaperalejo IG

She said she preferred to give birth at home because she couldn’t stand the hospital environment.

“Kasi hindi ko kaya ang feeling sa ospital… When I last labored there, nailing ako and nahirapan pakinggan ang aking katawan,” said Rica.

Photo Source: @ricaperalejo IG

Rica Peralejo hired a professional healthcare provider and midwife to monitor and take care of her during labor.

“As the pregnancy was progressing, and I was preparing for labor at home naisip ko what if I actually give birth at home? But talking to my doula helped clarify my thoughts. That we can have home, hospital, water or dry birth naman talaga but it really all depends on how I fare as the due date is nearing,” she said.

Photo Source: @ricaperalejo IG

On the latter part of her Instagram post, Rica said she obeyed all her OB-GYN’s request for scans and check-ups so that she’ll have a safe pregnancy and labor.

Rica post
Photo Source: @ricaperalejo IG

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