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1:57 PM May 15, 2019

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1:57 PM May 15, 2019

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Rich Father Flies Helicopter To Daughter’s School

RICH FATHER – A rich father in China decided to visit his daughter’s school via helicopter.

Parents surely want to give their child the best things in the world. It’s probably just normal to provide luxurious things to our child if we are wealthy.

Nowadays, some teenage students already have their own car. They are fortunate to have these kinds of things at a very young age.

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Meanwhile, a rich father in China, identified by his surname Chen, sent his daughter to school via helicopter.

Based on a report from the South China Morning Post, his daughter is studying at Fengdan primary school in Beijing. The school is one of China’s best-known universities.

Chen defended himself after he was accused of flaunting his wealth. He explained that bringing that chopper is for educational purpose only.

Rich father in China
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The video of the helicopter flying above the Fengdan primary school and landing on the university grounds went viral on social media.

According to the report, the father runs a company that offers tours around China using a helicopter.

That is the reason why he got invited to the school and bring his helicopter for the school’s science fair.

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The father explained that the helicopter might help the young students to learn about the theory of gravity.

“I hope to give more children an opportunity to see helicopters up close, and spark an interest in aviation in some of them,” said Chen.

Photo Source: The Straits Times

Based on the report, a parent named Xing was grateful for the rich father’s good deeds.

“As a parent of kids studying in Fengdan primary school, I’m actually very happy”

“Children can have an opportunity to take a close look at helicopters and get some knowledge about the theories behind them. That’s really great,” Xing added.

Photo Source: scmp

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