Direk Bobet Vidanes Shares Cryptic Post On It’s Showtime Indonesia, Netizens React

Why Direk Bobet Vidanes has this cryptic post on It’s Showtime Indonesia?

Noontime show director Bobet Vidanes shared a cryptic post on It’s Showtime Indonesia and this received various reactions from netizens.

The Kapamilya daily variety show is almost on its first decade of giving entertainment.


Throughout the years, the show has featured the Filipino talent through its segments such as The Funny Juan, Miss Q & A, and Tawag ng Tanghalan.

Hosts of the show also has the time of the year when they got to showcase their talent through Magpasikat. This event is in line with their anniversary celebration.

One of the latest achievements of the show is when it had a franchise in Indonesia. Truly, fans as well as the cast and crew of the show was delighted about this.


On the other hand, a few weeks after the It’s Showtime Indonesia was launched, the cryptic post of Direk Bobet Vidanes caught the attention of9 netizens.

He shared a selfie with the Indonesian franchise’s logo. The director’s caption said, “They don’t deserve you. Stay busy.”

Bobet Vidanes
via FP

The second photo he shared was a collage of his selfie with 2 different signs.

One said, “Do not enter” while the other one said, “Danger keep out“.

In line with these posts from the noontime show director, netizens expressed various reactions.

Direk Bobet Vidanes captioned his second post with, “I warned you. I don’t deserved you.”

Bobet Vidanes
via FP

Some wondered why he posted like that and what could be the real story behind the post.

There were some netizens who slammed the “grammar” of his post.

Here are some of the comments, based on a popular showbiz site.

Bobet Vidanes
via FP

What can you say about this?

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