KINDS OF ADJECTIVES: 5 Kinds Of Adjectives & Their Definitions, Examples

List of 5 Kinds of Adjectives, Their Definitions and Examples

KINDS OF ADJECTIVES – Here is a list of the five(5) types of adjectives, their definitions, and the examples under each.

Aside from noun and pronoun, another part of speech in English which also has different types is the adjective. It is the word that gives description or conveys the state of being of a person, place, thing, event, etc.

The adjective is one of the parts of speech that can be commonly found in sentences. In this article, we will discuss more about it specifically the five(5) kinds of adjectives.

Kinds of Adjectives


1. Descriptive Adjective

An adjective under this kind gives description on the quality or kind of the noun according to English for Beginners.


  • Handsome
  • Strong
  • Dedicated
  • Pretty
  • Charming

Sample Sentences:

  • Jeremy is the handsome son of the couple.
  • The strong tree stood amid the rain and thunderstorms.
  • Dr. Alverio’s dedicated aid received a cash bonus from him.

2. Demonstrative Adjective

An adjective under this kind point out nouns. Based on the article, they are usually found before the noun they are pointing out.


  • That
  • This
  • Such
  • Those
  • These

Sample Sentences:

  • That chair belongs to Joel.
  • This apple pie is reserved for the carpenter.
  • Such posts about Rodrigo are heart-melting.

3. Interrogative Adjective

Based on the article, an adjective under this kind asks questions. They can usually be found before the noun or subject of the sentence.


  • What
  • Whose
  • Which

Sample Sentences:

  • What color was chosen by the class?
  • Whose car are you using?
  • Which shirt did she give you?

4. Possessive Adjective

Adjective under this kind show ownership or possession.


  • Her
  • My
  • His
  • Our
  • Its

Sample Sentences:

  • Her cousin was chosen to represent the school.
  • My bag is filled with apples
  • His position is looked up by many people.

5. Adjective of Number

Based on the article, adjectives under this kind tell how many or how much.


  • Five
  • Some
  • Little
  • More
  • Every

Sample Sentences:

  • Five pies were eaten by the cat.
  • Some sand were blown away by the wind.
  • Little pain was felt when the needle touched his skin.

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