Lady Netizen Warns Public Against Man Who Tried To Enter Their Home

Lady Netizen Shares Terrifying Experience w/ Suspicious Man Who Tried To Break Into Their Home

A lady netizen has warned the public against a suspicious man who attempted to forcibly enter their home with dark intentions.

Nowadays, robbery and different types of crimes have been already happening all around the world.

The cases of criminality in the country continue to increase despite the stricter rules and regulations implemented by the Duterte Administration.

Lady Netizen

Recently, a Facebook user named Eiren Alonte has warned the public against a suspicious man who tried to enter their house.

Alonte has shared her terrifying experience with a man who introduced himself as Noel Mendoza.

At first, the suspicious man was searching for the husband of Eiren but he doesn’t know the name of the latter.

Lady Netizen

Eiren starts to doubt and immediately closed the second door but the stranger was still insisting to get inside the house. The man even also asked for a glass of water and help.

The lady netizen also warned the public to be more aware of their surrounding and be careful when entertaining strangers.

The scared woman also discovered that the man had long been peeping through their windows.

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