Julia Montes: Will She Still Come Back To PH Amid Pregnancy Rumors?

Amid pregnancy rumors, will Julia Montes still come back to the Philippines?

In the middle of pregnancy rumors about Kapamilya actress Julia Montes, the question “will she still come back to the Philippines?” arises.

Speculations that the actress is allegedly pregnant started to circulate last month.

Julia Montes
Photo source: @montesjulia08 IG

On the other hand, her talent manager clarified that the rumors are not true. Julia’s rumored boyfriend Coco Martin also said that the pregnancy rumors are all just speculations.

Despite these clarifications from people close to the actress, the pregnancy rumors took a higher notch when she went to Germany during the holiday season, much more when it was alleged that Coco also went there to visit her.


On Julia Montes’ IG posts she provides update about why she went to the said country. She wanted to spend time with her biological father Martin Schinittka.

However, one of her recent posts sparked a new heat on the issue. A previous report said that fans wondered why she is always covering her tummy.

Amid the speculations, the question if Julia Montes will still come back to the country started to surface.


Based on Bandera’s report, the Kapamilya actress is set to come home this April. Her handler Mac Merla said that there are already so many projects lined up for Julia.

Maraming naka-line-up na movies and endorsement kaya lang need mag-wait kasi nga wala siya rito. So far, may tatlong naka line-up sa akin na willing mag-pitch pagbalik niya. Iba-ibang film outfits. May indie film din,” Julia’s handler said.


The actress only met her biological father in 2016, based on the report. Julia Montes said this on her post last December about her father, “This year I got a chance to know him better..”


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