Gretchen Barretto Sides With Nicko Falcis On Feud Versus Kris Aquino

Gretchen Barretto sides with Nicko Falcis with an intriguing post.

GRETCHEN BARRETTO – The actress and singer Gretchen Barretto has this intriguing post regarding the issue of Nicko Falcis versus Kris Aquino.

The singer and actress Gretchen Barretto reacted to the current feud of Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis about money matters which led to be brought on court and even alleged threats.

Previously, former Managing Director of KCAP, Nicko Falcis, is facing 44 counts of Qualified Theft complaints filed by Kris Aquino. Atty. Jesus Falcis, the brother of the accused, claimed that she is sending death threats to his brother.

Gretchen Barretto
Photo source: PEP

And in a previous article, the accused Nicko Falcis is confirming the threats himself. He said, “I never imagined to be dragged into a nightmare. This was not what I signed up for. I pray to wake up from this bad dream and find my redemption. I am aware that no one has dared go up against her before. After all, she is an Aquino while I am a nobody.”

Gretchen Barretto

In an Instagram post, Gretchen reacted to this and expressed in the caption, “I feel for mr. Nicko Falcis after reading this article. I salute him for his courage to speak the truth , fight for his family name & reputation in spite of the threat to his life No to bullies!!!! STOP POWER TRIPPING.”

See some reactions based on an entertainment website about this below:

Hahaha ano ba yan si gretch kelangan pang ipost ang opinyon. Hindi nalang manahimik. I smell a personal grudge against Kris!!

Expect a clap-back pertaining to kung sino ang totoong part ng Cojuangco family from Kris Aquino in 3… 2… 1…

Maka-No to bullies tong si gretchen, as if sya hindi bully! At hindi sya dapat nakikisawsaw sa mga bagay na di naman sya involved. Juskels!

What can you say about this?

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