Nicko Falcis Brother Reveals Kris Aquino’s Threats, Shows Evidences

Kris Aquino allegedly threatened the accused, Nicko Falcis brother speaks up.

NICKO FALCIS BROTHER – The brother of the accused Jesus Falcis emotionally reveals the threats of Kris Aquino to his brother who is now out of the country.

Reportedly, Kris Aquino filed 44 counts of theft and violation of the Access Devices Regulation Act or Republic Act 8484 at the Department of Justice previously against Nicko Falcis, the one who formerly managed her Kris Cojuangco Aquino Productions (KCAP) and Nacho Bimby.

Based on the alleged pieces of evidence presented by Aquino such as the credit card transactions which showed what and how much Falcis spent for his personal expenses without her consent using the KCAP card with a Php 2-million worth of limit.

The purchases included ₱99,200 of 95 cups of coffee and cosmetic products from Mac. Thus, with this, brother of the accused, Jesus Falcis, a lawyer, reacted to it and expressed that he is never afraid of her.

And now clarifying everything and to explain their side, the lawyer had these revelations in an official statement he released. He revealed that the reason why his brother is out of the country because Aquino and her sisters threatened him:

Read below:

Contrary to the claims of Ms. Aquino and her lawyers, my brother staying abroad is not an indication of guilt. She took away my brother from our family and my brother is forced to stay abroad because of serious threats to his person and safety. I know for a fact that Ms. Aquino threatened my brother: ‘YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE NICKO!… DARE TO STEP IN THIS COUNTRY AND YOU WILL BE DEAD.’

Grave threats coming from the daughter and sister of former presidents, you do not take lightly. I have nightmares about it. I can hear it now vividly as I recount it. The reality is, I never imagined I would hear someone I used to watch on television, and the daughter of Ninoy and Cory Aquino, to say those things.

What’s worse is, Ms. Aquino has made it known that she possesses a list of Nico’s flight records, indicating that she can monitor when my brother comes in and out of the Philippines. She brags that she has powerful friends.

And that is the reason why my brother is not here during the preliminary investigation and will not be here on my [father’s] birthday on Sunday. A complete family is important, but my brother’s life and safety is more important.

Ms. Aquino has also defamed my brother’s reputation over the past few months on social media and on mainstream media. She would say tens of millions were stolen from her. And suddenly, all she ever filed were cases of qualified theft for the total amount of 1.2 million pesos.

The charges are baseless and totally ridiculous. The truth will eventually come out. Now, the question is why would Ms. Aquino be filing these cases if it weren’t true?

Watch the press conference below:

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