VIRAL ROAD RAGE INCIDENT: Alleged Identity Of Fortuner Driver Exposed

Alleged Identity of Fortuner Driver Involved in Viral Road Rage Incident Exposed

VIRAL ROAD RAGE INCIDENT – The alleged identity of the Fortuner driver involved in a road rage incident at Camachili was exposed on social media.

Recently, videos of a road rage incident at Camachili crossed the social media and went viral. Two drivers were involved in the road rage – a Bataan Transit driver and a driver of a private Fortuner vehicle.

In one of the videos posted, it could be seen that a fight sparked between the bus driver and the Fortuner driver. It led to the former falling on the ground. On the part of the latter, he was allegedly attacked first.

The Fortuner driver left the area while the bus driver was lying on the ground. Some of the male passengers went down to help him. He was brought back inside the bus.

In another viral road rage incident video, the Fortuner driver could be heard confronting the passengers of the bus driver. He emphasized his and his family’s safety.

Furthermore, the Fortuner driver also asked the authorities to take the tube. Later on, the bus driver complained that he cannot take it anymore as he is really feeling dizzy.

The concerned passengers of the bus told the authorities about what the driver was feeling and stressed that he must be brought to the hospital.

The viral road rage incidents caught the attention of netizens on social media. Many were disappointed on what happened and others sided on the bus driver while some netizens sided on the Fortuner driver.

Recently, an alleged identity of the Fortuner driver involved in the viral road rage incident crossed the surface. It was posted on the Facebook page All about the Philippines.

Based on the post, the Fortuner driver is Ramon Alfonso “Ching” Lund Reyes Jr. He allegedly resides in Plaridel, Bulacan and was allegedly deported from the United States due to drugs and cases.

Furthermore, based on the post, Reyes’ family is allegedly inclined in politics and has a position in the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

As of this writing, neither the camp of the bus driver or the Fortuner driver has released a statement regarding the incident. Our site is open to hear both sides of the issue.

We’ll keep you posted for further updates.

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