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2:20 PM October 25, 2018

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Here Are Some Benefits Entitled For National Artists That You Should Know

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts Order of National Artists revealed the surprising benefits entitled for the national artists.

The Philippine government bestows the National Artists award to the Filipino who has significant contributions to the development of the country’s art.

The national artists are entitled to claim several awards and benefits from the national government because of the contributions.

National Artists

Recently, the Twitter page of “GMA News” has posted the report regarding the possible benefits to be given to the national artists.

Here are the benefits that national artists may receive:

  • National Artist Title
  • Monthly Allowance Not Less Than P50,000
  • Gold-Plated Medallion From Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

National Artists

  • Life insurance policy coverage
  • Place of honor at state functions, ceremonies, and other cultural presentations
  • State funeral prepared and paid by the government

For Living Awardee

  • Minimum cash award of P200,000 (Tax-Free)
  • Minimum lifetime monthly stipend of P50,000
  • Medical and hospitalization benefits not exceeding P750,000 per year

For Deceased Awardee

  • One-time minimum cash award of P150,000 (Tax-Free) for the legal recipient


What can you say about these benefits for the national artists? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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