Andi Eigenmann Reveals Real Score With Surfer Philmar Alipayo

What is the real score between Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo?

ANDI EIGENMANN – Returning actress Andi Eigenmann revealed the real score between her and rumored boyfriend Philmar Alipayo, a surfer.

Previously, Andi confirmed her breakup with Emilio Arambulo, a model. One thing that is visibly common between the ex-lovers is their love for surfing.

During her showbiz hiatus, Andi was usually spotted in the beach. It could either be in Siargao or in Baler. She undeniably loves the simple life there and she is also an advocate of saving the bodies of water.

After some time of showbiz hiatus and dedicating her time to surfing and her advocacy, Andi Eigenmann is now about to make a comeback on the big screen through the movie “All Souls Night”.

Based on a recent report on Pep, during the press conference of her upcoming movie, Andi Eigenmann revealed the real score between her and surfer Philar Alipayo.

Prior to the event, there were rumors that Andi and the surfing champion may be in a relationship. Sweet photos of them and messages for each other have crossed the social media.

Speaking at the press conference of “All Souls Night” held at Sampaguita Gardens Events Place in Quezon City, Andi Eigenmann confirmed that she and Philmar Alipayo are in a relationship.

According to the actress, she is in a relationship with the Siargao-based surfer for three months now. They’re friends for a year now.

“I’m just really new with Philmar… I didn’t expect it,” she said.

Based on the report, Andi Eigenmann expressed that with Philmar Alipayo, she is motivated to become the best version of herself.

“It’s the first time I’m with someone who really supports me with that, and then without also forgetting the fact that I have a daughter,” she said.

Andi Eigenmann has a daughter with former partner Jake Ejercito. Their lovely daughter who is close to both her dad and her mom is Ellie.

Based on the report, Andi Eigenmann expressed that Philmar Alipayo showed her that she can live a life of being young and free while nourishing her relationship with Ellie.

“He showed me that I can live a life of being a twenty-eight-year-old and being young and free. But at the same time, incorporating my relationship with my daughter,” she said.

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