Lani Mercado Breaks Silence On Bong Revilla’s Other Son Luigi

How did Lani Mercado accept Bong Revilla’s other son Luigi?

LANI MERCADO – Former actress and now politician Lani Mercado broke her silence on Luigi Revilla, the other son of her husband Senator Bong Revilla.

Considering that both of them are part of the Philippine showbiz industry, the life of Senator Bong Revilla Jr. and his wife Lani Mercado is not totally a secret from the public.

The detained Senator and his wife have six children – Bryan Revilla, Jolo Revilla, Inah Felicia Bautista, Ma. Viktoria Gianna Bautista, Ma. Franzel Loudette Bautista, and Ramboy Bautista. Both Bryan and Jolo are part of show business.

Former Sen. Bong Revilla has another son, Luigi Revilla. The latter is vocal of the good treatment of Lani Mercado and his half-siblings to him.

Like his father and his half-brothers Jolo Revilla and Bryan Revilla, Luigi Revilla has also joined the Philippine show business. Recently, he worked with his two brothers in an upcoming movie entitled Tres.

Bryan recently appeared on ABS-CBN late-night talk show Tonight With Boy Abunda together with his mom Lani Mercado.

Based on a video posted by ABS-CBN Entertainment on YouTube, during their appearance, the actress-politician broke her silence on the other son of her husband.

According to Lani, Luigi was two years old when she met him. The little boy was brought at the wake of his paternal grandmother. She stressed that former Sen. Bong Revilla told her about it.

“When he first came in to the room sa bahay namin, wala parang nag-melt yung heart ko so I embraced the boy,” she said.

Lani Mercado
Photo lifted from Balita

Lani Mercado admitted that she got angry at her husband as it was painful for her. But the actress-politician thought that she also came from a second family.

During her appearance, Former Sen. Bong Revilla’s wife also shared that she was able to talk to the mother of Luigi. According to her, she stressed to her husband’s ex-girlfriend that she is in their marriage to stay.

Bryan Revilla visibly admires the strength and love of his mom for their family. Based on the video, he even shared that he was told to find a woman like his mother.

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