Lani Mercado Gets Emotional While Recalling Bong Revilla’s “Pagtataksil”

Lani Mercado Gets Emotional While Recalling Bong Revilla’s “Pagtataksil”

Actress Lani Mercado gets too emotional while recalling the “pagtataksil” of his husband actor-politician Bong Revilla.

The celebrity mom guested on Tonight With Boy Abunda just recently together with son Bryan Revilla.

A portion of the interview disclosed her feelings during the time she learned about the relationship of Bong with another woman.

Lani Mercado
(Photo source: TWBA)

It was the first time that Lani revealed to the public an information about the said woman. According to Lani, she was Bong’s girlfriend before they met each other.

When TV host Boy Abunda asked her if she got angry with her husband, she said yes.

“Syempre sa una normal na magagalit ka kasi masakit yun eh. Pinagtaksilan ka eh at may bunga ang pagtataksil na yun,” Lani Mercado shared.

However, as time goes by, she learned to accept the situation and she showed compassion to the son of Bong with another woman.

Bong Revilla
(Photo source: Bandera)

Lani talked to the woman and she said to her, “you still have a way out kasi you’re not married. I am here for life and I’m here to stay.”

She also said that she knows that she can’t change what happened.

Lani Mercado also reacted to the “martyr” tagged to her because she still accepted Bong Revilla despite of his “pagtataksil”.

“Kung ang pagiging martyr ay pinaglalaban mo ang para sa’yo at anong karapat-dapat na para sa’yo because you have other people to take care of not just yourself. It’s your children, it’s your family and it is your right to take care of it no matter what, martyr ako. Guilty ako dun,” she said.

No matter what happened in the past and several instances that she thought of getting away, Lani Mercado said that she chose to stay because she loves her husband and her children.

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