Bryan Revilla Speaks on Brother Jolo Revilla’s Ex-Girlfriend Jodi Sta. Maria

Bryan Revilla Misses Jolo Revilla’s Ex-Girlfriend Jodi Sta. Maria

BRYAN REVILLA – Tres actor Bryan Revilla spoke on his brother Jolo Revilla’s actress ex-girlfriend Jodi Sta. Maria.

The Revilla brothers are undeniably close to each other. Former Senator Bong Revilla’s sons Bryan Revilla, Luigi Revilla, and Jolo Revilla even recently worked together in one upcoming movie entitled Tres.

Despite that Luigi is the former Senator’s son from another woman, the brotherhood between the three celebrities was not hindered. Luigi is also vocal about the wonderful treatment of Lani Mercado to him.

During her appearance on Tonight With Boy Abunda with Bryan Revilla, Lani Mercado admitted that she was hurt but she melted down upon seeing Luigi Revilla when he was two years old.

Recently, Lani Mercado, Bryan Revilla, Jolo Revilla, and Luigi Revilla appeared on Magandang Buhay. One of the topics during their appearance on the Kapamilya show is actress Jodi Sta. Maria.

Jodi is the ex-girlfriend of Jolo. It was just recently when the two celebrities broke up saddening the “LoDi” fans and supporters. Meanwhile, the actor-politician is vocal of his gratefulness and his love for the actress.

Based on a post on ABS-CBN’s Entertainment website, during their appearance on Magandang Buhay, Bryan Revilla admitted that he misses Jolo Revilla’s ex-girlfriend Jodi Sta. Maria.

According to the Tres actor, he misses the times when the actress would cook for them. He described his brother’s ex-girlfriend as “very kind” and “very generous”.

“I really enjoyed talking to her. Siguro yung mga conversations namin pagka nag-uusap kami, pagka sila dalawang magkasama nakaka-miss din yung mga side na nakikita mo silang sweet,” he said.

The Revilla brothers and Lani Mercado were teasing Jolo Revilla during that part of the show. Based on the posted episode, the actor-politician was sweating although the studio was well-ventilated.

For his part, Luigi Revilla shares the same sentiment with Bryan Revilla regarding Jolo Revilla’s ex-girlfriend Jodi Sta. Maria. He expressed that they’ve always been with the Kapamilya actress and he misses her.

Jolo Revilla and Jodi Sta. Maria were a couple for eight years. The Kapamilya actress has remained silent regarding their breakup.

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