Netizens predicted that Robin Padilla will not win as Senator

Action star Robin Padilla will never be a Senator, according to the fearless forecast of netizens.

He is one of the celebrities whose names are included in the list of possible candidates for the 2019 elections.

Despite the fact that he previously stated that he has no plans of entering politics, netizens already predicted that he will not win.

Robin Padilla

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Based on the article published in Bandera, social media users disliked what Robin Padilla did to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Columnist Ronnie Carrasco III said that netizens seemed to be sure that he will not get a spot in Senate.

It can be recalled that Robin‘s statement to Trillanes, amid the latter’s issue in his amnesty, became controversial.

The actor said to the Senator: “Lumabas ka! Wag kang magtago sa saya ng Senado!”

Netizens reacted that Robin is “epal” when he said that to the lawmaker. Following that, a social media user slammed him for his situation in jail when he was imprisoned.

After that, it was reported that his social media account was suspended.

Netizens concluded that he should not run as Senator if he is really planning to do it. It is because for them, he will definitely lose.

Based on the article, some people question the credibility of the actor to be a Senator. This is for the reason that when he evaded arrest regarding his case in 1994, he also sought refuge in the mountains.

Aside from this, the article also pointed out the stint of Robin Padilla as a judge in ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’. He received bashing for several times because of his “controversial” comments to contestant.

If that happened in showbiz, how much more in the world of politics? This question lingered in the minds of netizens.

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