Robin Padilla Stated He Has No Political Plans, Will This Change?

Robin Padilla said he has no political plans but will he contradict what he said?

Actor Robin Padilla is one of the showbiz personalities in the PDP-Laban‘s list of senatorial candidates for the 2019 elections.

Together with him are Lito Lapid, Freddie Aguilar and Monsour del Rosario. However, this list is not yet final since President Rodrigo Duterte will have to approve it.

Based on the article published in Bandera, Sen. Koko Pimentel stated that these showbiz personalities along with other 20 senatorial hopefuls knew that they would eventually be chosen by the party.

Robin Padilla
(Photo source: Ronda Balita)

Apparently, Robin also knows that he will soon enter the world of politics with much chaos than the showbiz industry.

He is set to play a new role far different from his protagonist characters in movies and TV shows.

In line with this point of argument, it was said that the bad boy of the Philippine cinema will have to contradict his previous statement.

This is when list of PDP-Laban’s senatorial list will be finalized and most likely he is included.

Robin Padilla
(file photo)

Reportedly, Robin Padilla said before that it is not on his scheme to be in politics. He added that politics is the least of his concerns.

With this, based on the article, the actor will be contradicting his own statement when he will give his “yes” to the political party.

In addition, the actor can obviously extend help to Filipinos even if he is not in a government position. One good example of his great deed is when he initiated help for the war victims in Marawi.

He was neither elected nor appointed to any position but he was able to extend a helping hand. This also created a ripple effect to others who has the capacity to help.

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