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4:18 PM September 13, 2018

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4:18 PM September 13, 2018

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“Mga letse kayo!” Pokwang said to Meralco for cutting off their electricity

Kapamilya comedienne Pokwang ranted on Twitter against electric company Meralco for cutting off their electricity.

According to the her post, her payment was late because of her hectic schedule in show business. That is the reason why she was not able to pay the bill before its due date.

She stressed that she can pay the amount stated in the bill it just so happened that she was busy.


(Photo source: Pinterest)

Pokwang likened those in Meralco to “buwitre” and she said “mga letse kayo”.

Here is her post.

“Hellleeerrr @meralco ang lupit nyo naman na late lang ng ilang araw dahil sa sobrang busy sa work di agad naasikaso ang bill na kayang kaya konnman bayaran hello??? putol agad kung kelan nabayaran na after 1 hour??? walang pinag kaiba sa buwitre mga letse kayo!”

In line with her rant on social media, the Twitter followers of the Kapamilya comedienne sympathize with her predicament.

Here are some comments from netizens about this.

“Hahaha..tamaaahh..pldt nga dn e konting malate ka lang putol kagad pero pag tinawagan mo about sa mga concern pra kang pingtataguan daig pa pagong sa kupad laging busy ung linya..ganun dn ang cignal cable mga letse mga yan e..” – Twitter user @Chard 04696263

“Ganyan po ang @meralco! Madalas din po kapag malapit ng mag reading ng kuntador yang mga yan, papatayin ang kuryente tapos sisindihan bigla para malakas ang talon ng metro! Madadaya!” – Twitter user @Mikhail217

Based on the article published in PEP, Meralco did not reply on this post of Pokwang. The electric company replied instead to a netizen who commented on the post of the comedienne.

The netizen commented about illegal electricity connections that some consumers are doing. Meralco replied by asking the netizen to locate the area where this problem is occurring.

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