Viral Twerking Video Of Teenagers Caught WCPD’s Attention

Twerking Video Of Teenagers Goes Viral & Caught WCPD’s Attention

The controversial twerking video of teenagers spread like a wildfire online and caught the attention of ‘Women and Children Protection Desks’ (WCPD) after it was posted on the social media.

The Facebook page Kokoy Krunch has uploaded video footage of young female teenagers performing a twerk dance in front of a male participant.

In the video, it can be seen the several female teenagers inside of a bar in Ramos St. Bacolod City was twerking on a handsome guy sitting in a chair.

The twerking video goes viral online after the girls performed an erotic dance and seem to seduce the male participant on the show.

The video has already garnered various reactions from the online community because of the inappropriate actions of the teenagers involved.

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Here are some of the comments:

Ish Coldura: “Kaloka si ate number 2 parang nakafast forward, ambilis ng movement”

Cris Crayco: “ ewww! Di manlang naging hard eh.. kaderder kasi eh, hanggang nuod lang..”

Eniale Segovia: “hahaha my gashhh

As of now, there is still no further updates regarding the incident and the teenagers involved were not yet identified.

Just stay tuned for further update and information.

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