Netizen Slams Bacolodnons For “Fussing” About Viral Twerking Video

A netizen slammed Bacolodnons for making a big fuss about the viral twerking video of female teenagers. A viral twerking video which featured a group of female teenagers went controversial. The said video caught the attention of Women and Children’s Protection Desks (WCPD) for the minors involved. Previously, it was mentioned in an article that netizens … Read more

Viral Twerking Video Of Teenagers Caught WCPD’s Attention

Twerking Video

Twerking Video Of Teenagers Goes Viral & Caught WCPD’s Attention The controversial twerking video of teenagers spread like a wildfire online and caught the attention of ‘Women and Children Protection Desks’ (WCPD) after it was posted on the social media. The Facebook page Kokoy Krunch has uploaded video footage of young female teenagers performing a … Read more