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Liz Uy, Anne Curtis Allegedly Have Conflict With Each Other

Liz Uy & Anne Curtis’ Friendship Is Allegedly Affected By A Conflict

People speculated that there is a current conflict going on between Anne Curtis and Liz Uy.

Rumors concerning the alleged conflict between ‘It’s Showtime’ host Anne Curtis and celebrity stylist Liz Uy started to circulate recently.

The two female celebrities are among the “It Girls”, along with Georgina Wilson, Solenn Heussaff and Isabelle Daza.

There is no doubt that their bond with each other already went through a lot over the years. The friendship that they have becomes stronger through the test of time.

Anne Curtis
It Girls (Photo source: @annecurtissmith IG)

Liz went controversial again when she revealed details of her relationship with businessman Raymond Racaza, the former husband of Dr. Ging Zamora-Racaza.

Anne, on the other hand, was in the entertainment news because of her new action movie ‘Buy Bust‘ and her recently-concluded anniversary concert.

However, there was an issue thrown to the both of them. It was mentioned in the article published in Pang-Masa that some people speculated that there is rift between Liz and Anne.

Entertainment columnist Jun Lalin said that there was one person who asked him about the said conflict between them.

The photos during the launch event of Sunnies Face made that person conclude about the gap. Georgina owns that said company and Liz was there to support her friend.

Liz Uy
(Photo source: @lizzzuy IG)

During that event, people noticed the absence of Anne Curtis also has her own lipstick line, the BLK.

The conclusion of the person that there was a gap between the stylist and the actress is because the latter was not there.

On the other hand, common friends of the two celebrities disproved this allegation about them.

In fact, Liz Uy was the one who styled Anne’s outfit during her “AnneKulit” concert. Their friends are calling out to those who are making this issue to stop spreading it, based on the article.

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