Atom Araullo Calls President Duterte As Comedian

Pinoy Journalist Atom Araullo Calls President Duterte As Comedian On His Post

The Filipino reporter Atom Araullo has called President Rodrigo Duterte as “Comedian” on his recent post on his Twitter account.

Yesterday, President Rodrigo Duterte said on his speech at Malaybalay City, Bukidnon that he asked God to let the victims of Extrajudicial Killing (EJK) enter heaven.

Mr. Duterte also lambasted the human rights advocates criticizing his anti-illegal drug campaign linked to EJK incident in the country.

Atom Araullo

“You enjoy human rights there in heaven kasi God promised you that lahat ng extra-judicial killing victims will go to heaven. ‘Yan ang hiningi ko sa Diyos,” Duterte said quoted by GMA.

Recently, the Pinoy journalist Atom Araullo has expressed his reactions towards the statement of the president.

Atom Araullo

The 35-year-old television personality described President Duterte as a comedian on his Twitter post.

Atom Araullo

Araullo called Duterte as a comedian over his statement towards the EJK victims.

Atom Araullo

The social media users have also expressed their reactions on Araullo’s post:

Oh!Dette17: “e is just gifted with a good sense of humor and the know-how to effectively connect with people, unlike a journo turned wannabe actor, whose martial law inspired movie turned out to be a BIG FLOPSINA”

Sweet tanarte: “good sense of humor? yeah he can effectively connect to people LIKE you only. not to normal thinking people.”

RBBalolot: “I may see the piont of the connection to people etc. But not the Journo-actor. I dont see the relevance. This girl is on Fire…. In the middle of the pool. Hahahah i love you”

Gerick G. Pascual: “Does it mean he admit that there is EJK in the country? Im sure his spokesperson and mocha uson and ka dede ebs will say, he is just joking.

Hazelmarie: “Kala ko ba he doesnt respect God, tapos ngayon nakikiusap sya?”

Sandra Yu: “Huh? Mema? Look around?! Anong klaseng mamamayan ka?’ Mema?”

Tac-6: “Unfortunately, he’s a bygone comedian. Yung pinipilit na lang maging relevant kahit wala nang natatawa sa jokes niya.”

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