Netizens Express Fury Towards Priest For Hurting Baby During Its Baptism

Netizens Slam Priest For Hurting Baby During Its Baptism

Netizens expressed their fury towards the priest who hurts a baby during its baptismal ceremony inside of a Catholic church.

Baptism is one of the most essential parts of Christianity in obedience to the command of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Parents usually take their babies to the priest or pastor to bless and baptize their children during the baptismal ceremony.


Recently, a baptismal ceremony goes wrong after slapping a baby who won’t stop crying during its baptism.

The YouTube channel “melbeauty style/fit/makeup” has uploaded the video clip of a priest who suddenly hit a crying baby in the midst of the baptismal ceremony.

At first, the priest was trying to console the child while attempting to mumble some prayers but when he was unable to keep the baby from crying he suddenly slapped the baby on the face.

The baby cried even harder after slapped by the priest who gives him a hug and consoling words.

The father of the child forcibly took his baby from the unidentified French Priest.

The social media users have also expressed their reactions regarding the incident:

Nicola Pattyson: “I want to know what happened when they stopped filming, poor baby”

Krystin Grant: “Now see once he touched his face like that we’d have a problem immediately no waiting no staring”

Lo Vincent: “why are they letting him grab the baby’s neck and head like that?”

Byce Stanfill: “Aight, that was uncalled for. Def not ok with hitting a baby. I don’t care if you’re ordained clergy. But that being said this does not reflect the collectvistic views of the Church as a whole and therefore we must all understand that there are misguided leaders in every sect of Christianity and religion in general. Have a fantastic day.”

Joanne the Scammer: “First of all, he’s holding his head, and it looks uncomfortable. No wonder hes all fussy like that. Second, there was nooo reason to slap a child like that. No reason. When the parent tries to grab their child from you, you don’t refuse to give them up, unless of course the parent is a threat to the child.”

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