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2:35 AM June 13, 2018

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2:35 AM June 13, 2018

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Gretchen Barretto held no bars in replying to netizen’s foul comments.

GRETCHEN BARRETTO – The famous female personality Gretchen Barretto has this fiery reply to a foul comment from a netizen.

Gretchen Barretto recently got involved in a controversy together with her friends where the netizens have accused them of being insensitive.

According to a previous report, it was after the video of them has surfaced online and eventually got viral where they were recorded laughing while reading a letter from a netizen asking for their help.

They have already issued a public apology about the matter but some people were unstoppable in throwing her foul and offensive remarks.

Gretchen Barretto

Photo grabbed on Instagram (@gretchenbarretto)

Gretchen Barretto

Photo from Instagram (@gretchenbarretto)

Gretchen was called “kabit” or mistress and a gold-digger. Her daughter Dominique even told her to “grow up”. Moreover, Barretto defended that they were not laughing at the sick person as they were laughing at something.

And recently, Gretchen Barretto “minces no word” in her fiery reply to a basher.

The netizen from Instagram with a username @hoshiwatanabe has said that she is ambitious the reason why she got into a relationship with someone who is already married.

And Gretchen’s response to this is, “I’m not ambitious… I am BLESSED!!! Nasaan ang asawa mo? I’m sure may kabit.”

Gretchen Barretto

Photo grabbed on Instagram (@gretchenbarretto)

Her response has then gathered various reactions from the netizens. Here are some of the comments about it that we have obtained from a certain entertainment website:

I think mas parinig nya kay tony yan to save her kasi kinukutya pa din sya ng mga tao despite their 23-year relationship.

Huwag na kasing pumatol masyadong affected ang dating.

Kahit anong pagbaliktad ni gretchen sa mundo- no matter how she says she is ‘blessed’ and has everything materially, the one thing she will never be is a Cojuangco. And wether she admits it or not, it shows how insecure she really is.

What can you say about this?

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