Sofia Andres Breaks Silence On Split With Diego Loyzaga

How’s the treatment between Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga now?

SOFIA ANDRES – Young actress Sofia Andres broke her silence on her split with actor Diego Loyzaga.

For quite a long time, actress Sofia Andres was linked to her loveteam partner Diego Loyzaga but two celebrities have not directly confirmed or denied the speculations that they are more than just friends.

The fans and supporters of Sofia and Diego collectively call them ‘Sofiego’. The latest project wherein they have worked together is the ABS-CBN television series Pusong Ligaw.

Among those whom the two celebrities have worked with in the TV series are Beauty Gonzalez, Bianca King, Joem Bascon, Raymond Bagatsing, and Enzo Pineda.

Diego Loyzaga, Sofia Andres
@diegoloyzaga IG | Photo taken by Darren Espanto

Recently, the fans and supporters of Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga were saddened when the actor claimed that the actress has a boyfriend based on the report. It ignited the speculations that the two celebrities have broken up despite no direct confirmation from them.

Diego Loyzaga
@diegoloyzaga IG

Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), in an interview with the source, the young actress revealed details about their split and the treatment between her and the actor now.

According to Sofia, she and Diego are “civil” towards each other. She stressed that they are better if they are separated as they usually have a conflict when they are together. She admitted that in the middle of doing Pusong Ligaw, she and the actor are not really in good terms.

Sofia Andres
@iamsofiaandres IG

Based on the report, Sofia Andres also revealed that after the TV series, there are times that they are okay and there are also times that they don’t agree with each other. She stressed that having different “wavelengths” and “lifestyles” is probably the reason why it happens.

When asked if she has already moved on from her split with the actor, Sofia expressed that she is fast when it comes to moving on. She avoids the person and as well as the people connected to that person to move on. She also avoids the social media as much as she can.

“Kasi dati po ako, lagi akong naka-social media, so nakikita ko rin. Honestly ngayon, hindi kami friends kahit sa Instagram and Twitter,” she expressed.

Based on the report, when asked if she and Diego Loyzaga can be friends again, Sofia Andres admitted that it cannot happen now as it is really different as they hurt each other so much and they do not know how to be fine again.

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