Kris Aquino Gets “Unscripted” With Son Bimby Along 28 Exciting Questions

Bimby asked 28 questions to mother Kris Aquino.

KRIS AQUINO – Bimby goes unscripted with mother “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino along with numerous exciting questions.

Would you want to have another relationship in the future?

Mama, do you think you will ever be betrayed again?

Will you love someone more than me and Kuya in the future?

Those were just some of the questions which were answered by Kris Aquino asked by her loving youngest son Bimby.

Bimby is her son with the basketball star player James Yap.

But they have separated already for James is currently with Michela Cazzola of whom he is expecting a second child with.

And one of the latest video that Kris has uploaded on her official YouTube channel, The Aquinos, is an unscripted session with Bimby.

Kris Aquino
Photo grabbed on YouTube/ The Aquinos
Kris Aquino
Photo grabbed on YouTube/ The Aquinos

Bimby has 28 exciting questions for her which she gladly answered with all honesty and “authenticity”.

One question for her which says, Will you love someone more than me and Kuya in the future?”

She answered, “Never. I think anybody who will enter our lives will accept the fact that you guys come first. And he will only come second.”

See the full video below:

Here are some of the comments that we have obtained:

Bimb’s answer at the end brought tears to my eyes. His answer was on point! So mature for his age. Well done Ms. Kris for raising a really good son.

I super love this episode and sana marami pang ganito with Bimb and sana Kuya din..Bim is super gwapo,matalino,witty, very nice and sweet kid…You can really tell he is raised well…

Bimb’s answer to your question made me cry a little. Well done raising such a fine young man.

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