#ColeenGotTheBill: Billy-Coleen Pre-Wedding Video Captures Countless Hearts

Watch the video before BiCol Wedding officially happens.

BiCol WEDDING –  A video has been released before the much-anticipated wedding of celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia happens.

Billy Crawford, 35, and Coleen Garcia, 25, are finally tying the knot at Balesin Island Resort in Polilio, Quezon today, April 20.

They have this another story which proves that love looks beyond the age and other factors as well.

If it is love that gets in the way, everything else becomes a blur.





According to a report from Pep, they have started as workmates since 2011 in the noontime show It’s Showtime.

Despite their age difference, they were teased to each other by their fellow hosts which eventually led for Billy to pursue her.

After several months of pursuit, Coleen finally gave her sweetest yes.

This is in spite of all the issues surrounding their relationship coming from being a third party to the five-year relationship of Billy and former girlfriend Nikki Gil.





But all the hurdles in their relationship have been surpassed and their blossomed affection to each other reaped a beautiful partnership which they tend to last a lifetime.

“It has never been an issue. I have never gotten along with anyone as well as I get along with Billy. And my lolo and lola, actually, 20 years ang age difference nila and they’re still together. So I really don’t think it has anything to do with age,” Coleen said about the issues which have ignited over their age.

Love has indeed its way of surprising the people especially in finding a partner in people they have least expected to be.

Watch their pre-wedding video below from Bob Nicolas’ Instagram account:


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