#ColeenGotTheBill: Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia’s Fancy Wedding Set-Up Photos

Here’s the first look at wedding set-up of the Billy-Coleen wedding.

BILLY-COLEEN WEDDING – Take a first look at some of the photos leaked online showing the fancy set-up of the wedding of Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia.

Even the hardest of hearts melt if love gets in the way.

Probably, everybody could not wait to spend all their struggles and victories with the person whom they have always dreamed to have for the rest of their lives.

Juggling career, family, work, and other priorities might be hard but it is love that mediates everything.

And after many years of being a couple, celebrities Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia finally take themselves to the road only the greatest of love and the strongest of hearts take – the road to a lifetime.

They are finally getting married and everything about their wedding is just as fancy and beautiful just like how their relationship has gone through the years.

Take a peek at the set-up of their wedding below and be in awe:

Billy-Coleen Wedding
Photo lifted from Preen Inquirer
Billy-Coleen Wedding
Photo lifted from Preen Inquirer






Theirs is another story that would make people believe by how great the power of love is.

They have started as workmates in a noontime show and eventually got closer until their closeness blossomed into love and reaped a happy relationship.

And today, April 20, marks another chapter of their lives.

There is definitely something surprising in love that people least expect.

Some may believe that it is just always there but others also believe that it will come not to those who wait for it or find it but it comes to people at the right moment with the right person.

What can you say about this?

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