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10:12 AM April 16, 2018

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10:12 AM April 16, 2018

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Joven Olvido Back on PGT Stage

JOVEN OLVIDO – Pilipinas Got Talent season 6 contestant Joven Olvido got the audience in standing ovation after his unique and unexpected performance.

ABS-CBN’s talent search show Pilipinas Got Talent is one of the television shows that hooks viewers. Many are very eager to know who will stand out amidst the many excellent performances.

The show is currently gearing up for the grand finals and the contestants continuously surprise and amaze PGT judges Angel Locsin, Robin Padilla, Vice Ganda, and Mr. Freddie M. Garcia with their performances.

Recently, one of the PGT contestants that surprised the judges and as well as the viewers with his performance is Joven Olvido.

Joven Olvido

YouTube/Pilipinas Got Talent

Joven Olvido’s visibly someone who has the humor to elicit not just smiles from the people but as well as laughter. The judges could not even resist from smiling, laughing and getting surprised by his every move as he performs on the PGT stage.

His recent performance is a parody of the excellent performances of the other grand finalists in the talent search show. Just like Kristel de Catalina who danced in a spiral pole based on a report, the male PGT contestant also danced in a similar pole.

PGT judges Vice Ganda, Robin Padilla, and Angel Locsin were all surprised by Joven Olvido’s performance. The It’s Showtime host even expressed the desire to mentor him as he really has the capability of making people happy. According to Vice, the world needs more people like him who can make others happy.

Joven Olvido got the audience in standing ovation by his performance on the PGT stage. Here is a video posted by Pilipinas Got Talent on Youtube:

AKPE RULES: “Singer nanaman!? Dancer?? Magicians!??? UMAY NA UMAY NA KAMI!!! SI JOVEN NAMAN!!!! ITO ANG DAPAT NA IPINAPANALO!!! BAGO!!!”

bordz TV: “#1 top trending on youtube for the win joven . Pagtulungan natin manalo si joven guys? dahil napasaya nya tayo kahit yun man lang makabawi tayo”

Rosila Aparri: “Ito yung contestant nung una na hnd mo maiisip kung ano ang gagawin sa semi finals, parang grand final n yung ginawa nya, nag pasabog agad hehehe :)”

Angella Natsumi: “Wow 4.9 m na whoooo ang taba nang utak mo joven dami ko tawa sayo”

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