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1:19 PM April 5, 2018

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1:19 PM April 5, 2018

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Robin Padilla Tells Female PGT Performer That She Needs A Man

ROBIN PADILLA – Netizens reacted to the statement of Pilipinas Got Talent Season 6 judge Robin Padilla to a female spiral pole dancer.

Recently, a spiral pole dancer who joined the ABS-CBN talent search reality show Pilipinas Got Talent, Kristel de Catalina, left the judges and the audience in awe once again as she takes the stage.

PGT judges Robin Padilla, Vice Ganda, and Angel Locsin were all amazed and touched by the performance of the female contestant who joined the show for her only son. Kristel de Catalina is a single mother.

The said female PGT contestant is one of those who greatly amazed the judges that comedian Vice Ganda pressed the golden buzzer for her.

Kristel de Catalina

YouTube: Pilipinas Got Talent

Recently, Kristel de Catalina took the PGT stage again and she, again, left judges Robin Padilla, Angel Locsin, and Vice Ganda by her graceful moves in the spiral pole.

Based on a recent report in Pep, Vice even thanked the spiral pole dancer for saving the night. According to him, she looked like a “past winner” who just visited them now.

“Lampaso yung kalaban… Sa buong season, isa ka sa mga pinakakinakakatakutan. Lalong nagpaganda pa yung symbolismo ng ginagawa mo,” he said.

The comedian told Kristel that she showed the whole world that she is a solo parent and a woman who can soar and shine even though she’s alone. Based on the report, Robin Padilla then told the contestant that she needs a man.

“Pero kailangan mo pa rin ng lalaki,” the actor said.

Robin Padilla

@robinhoodpadilla IG

Vice Ganda clarified that it is according to Robin Padilla. Based on the report, the comment of the action star was not included in the episode’s video posted on YouTube but it can be seen on

The statement of the action star elicited comments from the netizens on the social media.

Robin Padilla Comment

Photo lifted from Pep

Robin Padilla Comment

Photo lifted from Pep

Robin Padilla Comment

Photo lifted from Pep

It is not the first time that Robin Padilla has been criticized because of his action or statement on the reality talent-search show. Based on a report, previously, he gathered flak when he refused to participate in the magic performance of a Korean PGT contestant because the young man spoke in English.

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