Marjorie Barretto Sharing Youngest Daughter’s Photo Garners Mixed Reactions

Marjorie Barretto’s youngest daughter photo.

MARJORIE BARRETTO – The famous female personality Marjorie Barretto has received mixed reactions from the netizens after posting the photo of her youngest daughter.

Marjorie Bernandine Barretto or simply Marjorie Barretto is an actress and absolutely one of the famous personalities in the showbiz industry coming from the Barretto clan.

Her sisters, Claudine and Gretchen Barretto, and her daughters Julia and Claudia are as well in the entertainment industry.

Aside from her children Claudia and Julia, she also had Dani Barretto and Leon as her only boy.

However, lately, one of her recent posts has shocked several people as she shared a photo of her youngest daughter while they were in Japan.

Some have gone confused but a lot has praised the child as she really had the genes coming from the Barretto as she similarly looks like her other siblings – gorgeous and good-looking.

In a post, Marjorie wrote, “They said it’s still snowing in Japan… should we go back?”

“Isn’t this so cute? The baby needs a hot chocolate break too, from our snowmobile trip,” she said in another.

See the posts and the photo of the lovely little girl below:

Here are some of the comments we have randomly obtained from posts above:

So cute in that angle resemblance of Julia and Leon. GODBLESS YOU EVEN MORE!

Honestly di ko po kila2 yung very pretty little girl na ito pero dahil sa comments I dont need to ask and I wont dare to ask… pero grabe po yung genes niyo napakalakas kahit ang ga2nda ng mga anak niyo and this one is something…

FINALLY !!! She’s out in the open , that would be a great relief !!! 

Stop asking Ms. Marjorie kung sino sya because obviously you already know who the little girl is and gusto nyo lang makichismis and put her on the spot. Ms. Marj, I really admire your courage. You should not feel afraid or shamed, and you definitely do not owe any of us any explanations.

What can you say about this?

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