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4:00 PM February 13, 2018

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4:00 PM February 13, 2018

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Video Of Street Vendor Preparing ‘Palamig’ In A Disgusting Way Goes Viral

The video footage of a certain street vendor preparing his ‘Palamig’ in a disgusting way goes viral after it was posted on the social media.

Street food is one of the most popular foods not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world.

It is usually sold from a portable food booth of the vendors along the streets in public places at a very affordable price.

Street Vendor

However, street food has been dubbed as “Dirty Food” due to the process of how the vendors prepare their products before selling it to the customers.

Recently, the Facebook page “Master Epong” has uploaded the video footage of how a street vendor prepares the ‘Palamig’ in a disgusting way.

Street Vendor

In the video, it can be seen that the vendor was picking up the ice block placed on the floor transferring it to the container where the beverage he sells was placed without even washing it.


SALMONELAMIG WITH AMOEBA MINERAL WATER!!Grabe yun Utoy..ShiT yan! Share ng maalerto mga tao. #masterepongVideo of: Warren Fraginal OlivaMalamig na gulaman ??#Iloverecto #nomorestreetfoods #watdapak

Posted by Master Epong on Monday, February 12, 2018

The social media users also expressed their opinion after seeing on how the street vendor prepares his ‘Palamig’. Here are some of the comments:

Jann Sustiguer: “san kya bnda yn [email protected]***** tlga yn

Mark Novicio: sarap nysn,floor flavor”

Nhor Garay: “Patibayan lng yan… kung mahina imune system tatamaan ka pero kung matibay ka… tuloy lng pagkain at paginom street food is life”

Cya Alejo: “Kaya ang hirap bumli ng pagkain s klsada.. paguwe mo ngdiarrhea kna.”

Chan Fontanilla Anthony: “Sarap ingud-ngud ung mukha nya sa pinulutan nya ng yelo.,,,mura na marumi pa.”

Daisy Buella: “D ka mn lng naawa s bmibli syo nlo n ung my ksamang bta. Magkakaskit cla nyan eh.”

Ledor Ozram: “puta dapat dyan kastiguhin paano kung anak ntin nka inom dyan bwiset na yan.”

Yer Nahtanoj Azihed: “Magaling….Kaya pla masarap juices sa bangkita…May special ingredient.”

Einra Lasor: “Kya auko nabili sa mga gnyang street food ei.. Dudumi

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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