Fuel-Efficient & Eco-Friendly Vehicle Created By DLSU’s Eco Car Team

The Eco Car Team of the De La Salle University (DLSU) created a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicle for the future of the Philippine transportation.

De La Salle University’s Eco Car Team consider the building of a fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicle as a challenge they need to conquer.

The team has created “Bumakaya,” which means “one loud roar” as a response to their previous car “the Delta”, which was used in 2017 Shell Eco Marathon.

Eco Car Team

DLSU Eco Car Team’s Bumakaya

The Delta defeated the other teams at the Asian leg of the Driver’s World Championship enabling them to secure a ticket for a world level competition last year.

Team manager Mico Flores said that Bumakaya is about 20 to 30 kilograms lighter than Delta during the launch of the eco car.

The eco group said that lighter vehicle has impressive and almost unbeatable energy efficiency compared to heavier cars. The engine of the eco car was also quieter when running.

Eco Car Team

DLSU Eco Car Team’s Imakadiwa

However, Flores admitted that the period of time given to complete ‘Bumakaya’ was the toughest and biggest challenge they faced.

“We started making Bumakaya last October, so we only had about three to four months. Then again, we’re students. We have to go to class. We spent some time on overnights and buying parts abroad which also took time,” Flores said quoted by MB Life.

Mechanical team manager Timothy Ladica said that the ideal time span to create a quality car is one year.

Aside from Bumakaya, the eco car team was also able to create ‘Imakadiwa” means a ‘relentless warrior.

DLSU’s Eco Car team was set to join the Shell Eco Marathon Asia in Singapore in March 2018.

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