Sharon Cuneta Shows Compassion Over Young Vegetable Vendor

Sharon Cuneta pities this young and little vegetable vendor.

SHARON CUNETA – The veteran actress and the megastar Sharon Cuneta shows compassion over this little boy selling vegetable whom she just saw over the internet.

Showing compassion towards our fellow or towards anyone is only a proof of how kind a certain person is.

In this world nowadays, where some people probably only does the charity in order for publicity, you cannot easily identify as to who might to have a genuine sincerity or not.

But as for the knowledge of everyone, the megastar Sharon Cuneta is one of the big stars whose compassion towards others is sincere.

On her Instagram account is where she shared a photo of a young and little boy and in front of the child are small bundles of different types of vegetables.

Surely, upon seeing the photo, someone’s heart might probably feel a little pinch over the situation of the little boy.

Entailed with the photo is a caption that told, “TF, nasaan ang batang ito?!!! Gusto ko bilhin lahat ng tinda niya araw-araw tapos iba magtitinda dahil mag-aaral na siya!!! Waaahhh!!!”

People of the social media community were touched by the child’s innocent photo.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens:

wow ….teary eyes ako…..kung mayaman lang din sana ako gsto ko matulungan ung mga batang ganyan..

That’s what we need to help to our country in a little way. If everybody doing little things in the Philippines, NO CORRUPT,NO DRUG LORDS, we can’t see this kind of people in the Philippines. That’s the best!

Gabayan mo panginoon itong batang to..nakakadurog ng puso sa musmos na edad nagtrabaho na sya

What can you say about this?

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