National Youth Commission Strikes Noli De Castro Over Transphobic Remark Towards Jake Zyrus

The National Youth Commission slammed Noli de Castro.

The National Youth Commission (NYC) slammed veteran reporter Noli de Castro over insensitive remarks towards Jake Zyrus on national television.

According to the report released by the Rappler, Perci Cendaña, the NYC Commissioner,  stated that the reporter should apologize to Jake Zyrus, formerly, Charice Pempengco.

It is because of his insensitive remark to the transitioning of Jake to which he described his changes as “climate change” on national television during the July 10 episode of ‘TV Patrol’.

As mentioned on the report, in the said episode is where the other broadcaster Ted Failon stated something about the changes on the voice of the transgender singer.

To which de Castro have responded, “Ang tawag diyan ay climate change. Madaming talagang nagbabago ngayon.” 

Thus, the commissioner of the said government agency that specifically addresses the issues of the Filipino youth said that “joking about transgender people contributes to the prejudice and stigma against them.”

Cendaña said, “When a popular broadcaster and former vice president mocks a transgender man, he is not only offending LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people, he is also setting a bad example to his audience, especially to the youth.”

“Such remarks reinforce discrimination against LGBT people. This is very alarming as young LGBTs are extremely vulnerable to stigma and discrimination. Bullying, ridicule, and abuse not only psychologically affect the youth, but also deter their development and growth,”  he added.

And for that, the commissioner suggests to have a public apology at such matter.

“By rectifying the offensive and discriminatory remarks, the former vice president will set a good example to his audience, especially the youth. We urge him to be an ally for acceptance and equality,” the chair of the said committed of the above stated government agency have stated.

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