Must See: MMDA Plans To Develop Metro Manila As World-Class Region

Metro Manila As World-Class Region Plans To Develop by MMDA

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is now drafting a plan to develop Metro Manila into a better world-class region.

The regional developmental plan (RPD) to develop a world-class Metro Manila is now being draft by the MMDA. This plan is in line with the National Economic and Development Authority’s (Neda) Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2017-2022.

Josefina Faulan, director for metropolitan planning said that the first draft in developing NCR has been already completed. Bilateral consultations are now being conducted by the MMDA to create crucial strategies for the development plan.

Metro Manila

“We have completed the first draft of NCR’s sectoral (–foul word(s) removed–)sment that will go into the RDP. We are now conducting bilateral consultations with different sectors as we delve into crafting crucial strategies for developing the country’s capital, guided by the overall Philippine Development Plan,” said by Faulan quoted by Inquirer.

The RPD will be based on Greenprint 2030, which was launched last 2030. Greenprint 2030 is a 20-year developmental plan in working with the 17 NCR local government units.

The importance of the Philippine Development Fund (PDP) was highlighted by the MMDA Chair Danilo Lim. He emphasized that the PDP plays a vital role in infrastructure development to address the traffic problems in the Metro Manila.

Metro Manila

Manila ranked 6th in the world, 9th in Asia and 1st in Southeast Asia with the most time of the people were spent on traffic as it was featured in the date-aggregating website “Numbeo.” Bridges, roads, and public transportation are important to be outlined in PDP to ease the traffic problems in the country.

The Duterte administration has 75 flagship infrastructure projects with 35 of them are in Mega Manila. Sox out of Mega Manila projects has been already approved by the National Economic and Development Authority’s (Neda).

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  1. With regard to solutions concerning public transportation projects, Light-rail stations should adopt modern-day minimalist designs of metro stations.

    Shun altogether ye-olde bulky Spanish architecture-influenced themes employed in the first-generation MRT stations which blocked out sunlight and the free circulation of air.
    Those ugly structures along the EDSA/AyalaAve interchange are most horrible in appearance.

    Switch to le moderne building concepts pioneered by TadaoAndo, NormanFoster, HelmutJahn, VonGerkanMarg und Partner, where structures are presented in LIGHT, BRIGHT, and AIRY forms.
    Adopting business-like yet stylishly-minimalist monochromatic palette of greys, whites, chrome/anthracite/stainless-steel structural components supporting expansive plate gl(removed) panels.
    All allied to clean and simple electronically-controlled LED graphic signage systems
    and adverti(removed)t panels.
    These public transport hubs have multi-level pedestrian interconnections to various commercial establishments by way of footbridges/escalators and elevators and below-grade p(removed)ageways to facilitate movement.

    The careful establishment of interconnecting Bus Termini/Metrorail Stations/TaxiStands linking commercial establishments as a whole greatly eases city travel even without the use of polluting/space-eating automobiles.

    In stark contrast to its myopic prioritization of motor vehicles over pedestrian traffic circulation in allocating available urban space for land-use, Hongkong government nonetheless redeemed itself on the other hand when it came to the matter of efficient pedestrian traffic circulation within the city.


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