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8:51 AM June 27, 2017

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Shara Chavez learned a lesson from her recent move of taking problem with Jovit Baldivino online.

SHARA CHAVEZ – The ex-lover of singer Jovit Baldivino expressed in a social media post that she has moved on but the media still has not.

The breakup of Jovit Baldivino and his ex-girlfriend Shara Chavez has became a controversial topic. It sparked lots of news reports and elicited various reactions from people.

Based on a previous news report, Shara expressed that she has reached her limits. The fan-turned-girlfriend claimed that the meeting of Jovit with another woman triggered her.

Shara Chavez

Photo lifted from the Facebook account of Shara Chavez

There were those who expressed support on the part of Shara while there are those who stood by Jovit’s side amidst disappointing accusations to him.

Recently, Shara Chavez took to her social media account a post that speaks of what she’s facing and she’s feeling now after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend has sparked talks.

In a post on her Facebook account, the fan-turned-girlfriend expressed that she has moved on but the media still has not. She raised the possibility that she is facing now the result of posting her problem with Jovit online.

According to Shara, one thing’s sure is that she is fine now. She expressed her gratitude for the support to her and asked the public to let go of the issue.

“Patayin na po natin ang issue. No regrets, just lesson learned. Better things are coming! God bless everyone!”

The post of Shara went viral on the social media. As of the writing, more than ten thousand netizens have liked it and lots of Facebook users expressed their reactions to it through comments.

One netizen told Shara to be strong for she can do it.

In comments to the post, lots of netizens expressed their joy for Shara Chavez and their appreciation of her strength amidst everything.

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